Cloud Firewall: Google Cloud Armor vs. AWS WAF vs. Cloudflare WAF


Google ArmorAWS WAFCloudFlare WAF
Infrastructure DDOS protection YES YES integrated with AWS shield standard YES
Application DDOS protection YES YES YES
maximum IP address ranges you can add to an application unknown 10,000 500 for Free plan
1,000 for Pro
2,000 for Business
10,000 for Enterprise
Application rate limiting control
The maximum number of requests from a single IP address that are allowed in a period
Application rate limiting period option - 5 minutes 1 minutes or 1 second
Directly server protection NO. Requires load balancer NO. Requires load balancer or Cloudfront YES


Google ArmorAWS WAFCloudFlare WAF
Full featured Infrastructure DDOS protection $0 $3,000 /month for advanced shield $0
Application firewall Policy $5 /policy/month $5 /policy/month $0
Rule $1 /rule/policy/month $1 /rule/policy/month Free for first 3 rules, then $1 per rule
HTTP requests $0.75 /1,000,000 reqs $1 /1,000,000 reqs
traffics blocked by access control or rate limiting will still be counted.(confirmed with AWS support)
Application Rate limit - $1 per /rule/policy/month Free for first rule, then $1 per rule
Application Rate limit requests - No additional charge $0.05 /10,000 passed requests
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