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Mongodb Serverless vs Dedicated(Managed)

MongoDB serverless and dedicated are two different options for deploying MongoDB Atlas, which is a fully managed cloud database service. The main difference between them is how they scale and bill resources.

MongoDB serverless is a new option that automatically scales compute and storage resources based on the workload demand. It uses usage-based pricing, which means you only pay for the resources that you use. Serverless Atlas is ideal for lightweight or infrequent workloads that have unpredictable or bursty traffic patterns. It also simplifies the database management by removing the need to choose a cluster size or configuration.

MongoDB dedicated is the traditional option that allows you to choose a fixed cluster size and configuration based on your expected workload. It uses reservation-based pricing, which means you pay for the resources that you reserve regardless of your usage. Dedicated Atlas clusters can also be configured to auto-scale up or down within a predefined range, but this requires some manual intervention and planning. Dedicated Atlas is ideal for steady or heavy workloads that have predictable or consistent traffic patterns. It also gives you more control and customization over your database performance and security.

The choice between MongoDB serverless and dedicated depends on your application requirements and preferences. Some factors to consider are:

MongoDB serverless

  • Cost efficiency: You only pay for the resources that you use based on your workload demand.
  • Automated scalability: You don't need to worry about choosing a cluster size or configuration, as the database will scale up and down automatically and instantly.
  • Smoother operations: You don't need to manage servers, clusters, backups, patches, and other infrastructure tasks that can be tedious and error-prone.

Mongodb Dedicated

  • Performance consistency: You can expect more stable and predictable performance due to the fixed allocation of resources.
  • Feature availability: You can access all the features that are available in Atlas, such as sharding, BI Connector, Realm Sync, and MongoDB Charts.
  • Control and customization: You can have more control and customization over your database performance and security by choosing a cluster size and configuration that suits your needs.


MongoDB serverless is good for variable workloads and MongoDB dedicated is good for stable workloads. The choice depends on your needs and preferences.

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