CDN comparison: CloudFront vs. AWS CloudFront


Monthly fee
$0 for Free plan
$20 for Pro plan
$200 for Business plan
Free $0.085/ GB
HTTP requests
Free $0.01/ 10,000 requests
Note: Although CloudFlare do not charge for bandwidth, they still limit your usage of their bandwidth according to their terms. And they do not tell clearly how many bandwidth you can use before upgrading to the next plan.


DDOS protection
Yes Not free for large attack
Free HTTPS support
Yes Yes
Wildcard subdomain support
In Free/Pro/Business plan, if you want all your subdomain(like * cross the CDN, you have to manually add, etc. If you want to add a Wildcard domain record, you have to upgrade Enterprise plan which is much more expensive.
Global Edges
Yes Yes
Firewall: Rate limiting
Yes Yes
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