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Managed Mongodb: Atlas vs DigitalOcean vs ObjectRocket

Managed MongoDB is a cloud-based database service that provides everything you need to run MongoDB without having to worry about the infrastructure, database engine, management tools, or licensingĀ¹. It automates tasks such as provisioning, scaling, updating, backing up, and securing your MongoDB clusters, so you can focus on building your applicationsĀ². Some of the benefits of using managed MongoDB are:

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Mongodb Serverless vs Dedicated(Managed)
  • Cost efficiency: You only pay for the resources that you use based on your workload demand.
  • Automated scalability: You don't need to worry about choosing a cluster size or configuration, as the database will scale up and down automatically and instantly.
  • Smoother operations: You don't need to manage servers, clusters, backups, patches, and other infrastructure tasks that can be tedious and error-prone.
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