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AWS Aurora PostgreSQL review

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AWS Aurora PostgreSQL is a relational database service that is compatible with PostgreSQL and offers performance and availability improvements over standard PostgreSQL. AWS Aurora PostgreSQL is built on a distributed storage system that automatically scales up to 128 TiB and replicates data across multiple Availability Zones.


The pricing of AWS Aurora PostgreSQL depends on several factors, such as the instance type, storage type, storage size, backup retention, Multi-AZ deployment, and region. You can pay for AWS Aurora PostgreSQL using On-Demand or Reserved Instances. On-Demand Instances let you pay by the hour with no long-term commitments, while Reserved Instances offer significant discounts for one or three year terms.


  • It delivers up to three times better performance than standard PostgreSQL with lower latency and higher throughput.
  • It supports up to 15 read replicas and cross-Region replicas for scaling read workloads and disaster recovery.
  • It provides high availability and durability with Multi-AZ deployments and automatic failover.
  • It supports features such as Global Database, Backtrack, Snapshot Export, Serverless, and Machine Learning Integration.


  • It is typically more expensive than standard PostgreSQL or AWS RDS for PostgreSQL for the same workloads.
  • It does not support all the extensions and features of standard PostgreSQL, such as logical replication, foreign data wrappers, and some data types.
  • It does not provide host access to the DB instances or allow you to run custom extensions or scripts on them.